New book tracing 37 years of Hermit Club history:

HERMIT: more than just bricks
by Jeff Merrifield

with CD featuring some of the bands and artists
featured at the club over the years

Click on band names for details:

1. Erick: Adam in the Garden

2. Christine Collister: Warm Love Gone Cold

3. Denny Newman: Small Town

4. Beach Balls: Down the Dustpipe

5. Split Grass: Far From Perfect

6. Elliot’s Sleeping: Cut Me

7. Keaton O’Rourke: In My Life
Keaton has now become Johanna Lee)

8. The Hanging Tree: Wonderland
(Andy Heath has now become Zarbo)

9. Jazz Jamaica: New Year Barbados

10. Magic Joe: Just For You

11. Drowned: Web

12. Beat of the Beast: Jet Baby

13. The Gourami: She is Real

14. King of Conspiracy: Youth Against the Empire

15. SPiT LiKE THiS: Young Dumb and Full of Fun

16. The Last Republic: Let’s Make Bombs

17. Loyal 2 No 1: Mind Games

18. Johanna Lee: Enough For Two

19. Darting Tongues: Reincarnation